Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Engagement Ring

Are you planning your engagement and are looking for something special for you partner. I must tell you that vintage jewellery or even the antique jewellery could be the best option. You can have rubies, diamond, jade, garnet, emerald any of them as the stone for your precious partner. You will get to find round, finely cut and beautifully designed rings in both the collections. If your partner is fond of antiques then I guess you should think of something that will have one of the oldest gems and the design that is rarely found. Wouldn’t you love to see the expressions of your partner on seeing the beautiful ring? This is going to be a moment that you would like to cherish and remember forever. So then even the ring needs to be very special, therefore buying one of the vintage or antiques collection from Hatton jewelers will be one of the best option.