Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Set your beliefs high, with gold!

Awesome artistic venture, dipped in the beauty of golden shine and glittering white grace, one fine selection of white gold diamond rings was displayed in the coveted showcase of my family jeweler’s shop.

The only confusion on my mind was, whether I’ll be able to make the right selection for my sister’s wedding, as I had too many to choose from those excellent pieces of white gold jewellery.

Pushed myself out of dilemma and had a chat with the salesperson who gave me few nice words. “It is all about the making and it comes from the belief and practice which makes your patron bank on you any time. I would like you to do the same if you believe in our product and designs, that you can apparently see and I’ll skim the best options for you.” 

I think that was something golden as a piece of customer communication, it really worked and I ended up choosing just the right, and for that matter, cheap diamond rings and wedding bands which would have difficult for me otherwise without that easy cushion slid beside me. 


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